A current project I have been working on involves implementing a .nes ROM player. That is, a way for people to play Nintendo Entertainment System games on a web page. Individual Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) games are available in a digital file format with a .nes file format. I need to figure out a way to make those games playable on a WordPress page.

First, I started with JSNES – a JavaScript NES Emulator. I successfully got this working on an HTML page outside of WordPress. At first, it was only working in Mozilla Firefox, but once I removed a Google Chrome Extension that was causing an issue (some iMacro extension), it worked in that browser as well. Here you can click to play Castelvania using JNES.

In the end, I continued to have problems with JSNES Emulator in Google Chrome Browser so, I had to abandon this for the time being and seek alternatives.

Otherwise, the source code for using JSNES is straightforward.