A current project I have been working on involves implementing a .nes ROM player. That is, a way for people to play Nintendo Entertainment System games on a web page. Individual Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) games are available in a digital file format with a .nes file format. I need to figure out a way to make those games playable on a WordPress page.

First, I started with JSNES – a JavaScript NES Emulator. I successfully got this working on an HTML page outside of WordPress. At first, it was only working in Mozilla Firefox, but once I removed a Google Chrome Extension that was causing an issue (some iMacro extension), it worked in that browser as well. Here you can click to play Castelvania using JNES.

In the end, I continued to have problems with JSNES Emulator in Google Chrome Browser so, I had to abandon this for the time being and seek alternatives.

Otherwise, the source code for using JSNES is straightforward.


About the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)
The Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), a trailblazing gaming console from the 1980s, holds an esteemed position in the annals of video game history. This groundbreaking system, featuring a distinct gray box with a vibrant red light, introduced players to an enchanting realm of pixels and challenges. With titles like Super Mario Bros., Duck Hunt, and Donkey Kong, the NES revolutionized home entertainment, igniting a gaming revolution that continues to influence the industry’s evolution today.