Welcome to – I am a dedicated technology professional with over 20 years of extensive experience in web design, development, and programming.

Web Design

With over 20 years experience in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript combined with over a decade of experience in WordPress, I’m prepared to provide cost-effective and time-efficient web design solutions to businesses and organizations.

WooCommerce eCommerce

WooCommerce is the most popular eCommerce platform on the Internet. This open-source eCommerce platform integrates with WordPress. WooCommerce offers multiple expansion Plugins, is easy to customize, and can be setup quickly.

WordPress Development

Spending over a decade with WordPress has provided an expansive understanding of a multitude of Plugins and multiple WordPress Themes. I develop advanced WordPress applications with complex functionality.

Custom Web Applications

I’ve developed custom web applications utilizing custom coding in a number of programming languages and code libraries. Analysis of the proposed application and sound logical design assures a satisfactory software deliverable.

Professional Summary

I combine abundant knowledge, patience and determination to provide solution driven services to clients worldwide in multiple industries big and small.

Experience in all aspects and phases of creating and maintaining professional deliverables utilizing a diverse range of Internet technologies.

Technology Summary

  • Over two decades of web design and development experience in all aspects and phases of creating and maintaining professional deliverables utilizing a diverse range of Internet technologies.
  • Intimate knowledge and expertise in core client side scripting languages, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and notable interface design through vast implementation of Bootstrap Framework.
  • Over a decade of experience using WordPress as a primary content management system and platform for multiple projects involving a multitude of WordPress Plugins and Themes.
  • Exceptional knowledge of the PHP programming language having used it almost daily for over the last seven years customizing WordPress as well as hand-coding custom web-based apps.
  • Strong understanding of relational database management system (RDBMS) concepts and the ANSI SQL language having used MariaDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Competent Linux system administrator with more than familiarity with Red Hat and CentOS deploying LAMP environments on AWS using EC2 or Amazon Lightsail.


Sr. WordPress Developer

WordPress +10 Years
Web Design +20 Years
PHP +10 Years
SQL +20 Years


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