When developing WordPress Plugins, it is imperative to include header fields at the beginning of your main Plugin file. As a matter of fact, with no header fields, WordPress will not be able to recognize your code and files as a Plugin, so it will not install and activate. Although there is only one header field required, Plugin Name, there are just over a dozen header fields you may choose to use to provide additional information to WordPress and your Plugin users.

Plugin Name
The only required Header Field in WordPress Plugin Development. This is where you provide the name of your WordPress Plugin. When installed this is the name that will be displayed when viewing the WordPress Plugins list when logged in the WordPress Admin section.

Plugin URI
This is the web page for the WordPress Plugin, WordPress Plugin Vendor, etc. This URL web address should be unique. Do not use a WordPress.org address here.

This is where you can describe your WordPress Plugin and it’s basic functionality. This information will also be displayed in the Plugins list when you are logged in as the WordPress Admin. Plesae note that the Description Header Field is limited to less than 140 characters so be concise!

You can designate the latest version of your WordPress Plugin (e.g. 1.01, 1.02, 3.2.8, etc.).

Requires at least
This is the oldest or lowest version number of WordPress that your Plugin will function correctly.

Requires PHP
This is the minimum version of PHP that is required to run your Plugin.

The name of the author, team or, company that developed the WordPress Plugin. If there are multiple authors you can use commas to list them.

Author URI
The corresponding home page for the author, team, or company that developed the WordPress Plugin.

This is where you will put the official short name of the WordPress Plugin’s license (e.g. GPLv2).

License URI
This is the web address or the web link to the full text of the license you are using for the WordPress Plugin. An example would be: https://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-2.0.html

Text Domain
This is the gettext text domain for the WordPress Plugin.

Domain Path
This is the path for translations if you want your WordPress Plugin available in multiple languages for international use.

This is only used to indicate if the WordPress Plugin can be activated and used network-wide. This value can only be true and never use this WordPress Plugin Header Field only unless you are using it for a multi-site installation.

A PHP file with the following text is an example of a WordPress Plugin Comment Header including multiple Header Fields: