Sublime Text
Sublime Text is my personal choice for my daily code writing. Sublime Text is shareware, pretty much meaning that it is free to download and use. It is cross-platform software available for Windows, Mac, and Linux supporting several markup languages and programming languages. I’ve used it extensively with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP projects.  You can find out more about Sublime Test at:

Atom is a code editor developed by GitHub and wrote in Node.js. It is free to download and use and is open source. It is a cross-platform desktop/laptop application available for Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS X, and Linux. You can learn more about Atom at:

Visual Studio Code
Visual Studio Code is a software product developed by Microsoft. It is an integrated development environment built of Microsoft’s legendary line of Visual Studio software development platforms. Microsoft has made Visual Studio Code available for Windows, macOS X, and Linux as well. You can get Visual Studio Code at:

VIM (VIsual editor iMproved)
VIM stands as a legendary command-line text editor revered by programmers and developers. Renowned for its efficiency and versatility, VIM offers an extensive array of keyboard shortcuts and commands that enable lightning-fast coding. With its modal nature, VIM transitions between multiple modes for editing, navigation, and more, making it an ideal choice for those seeking unmatched control and productivity in their coding workflows.

Notepad, a simple yet ubiquitous text editor on Windows, has been a trusted companion for countless developers. While it may lack the advanced features of more specialized editors, Notepad’s straightforward interface and lightweight nature make it a convenient tool for quick edits, scriptwriting, and note-taking. Its minimalistic design ensures that it’s readily available for essential coding tasks, offering an uncomplicated and familiar environment for those looking to dive into coding without unnecessary complexity.