Hello, and welcome to kodeJ! kodeJ is now online. Please allow me to introduce myself, My name is Josh, and I am a dedicated technology professional with almost two decades of extensive experience in web design, development, and programming. After all of these years, I finally decided to solidify a blog for keeping a code repository or code reference if you will. So, thus kodeJ is born. Think of it as a Code Journal.

Over the next coming months, I will be working on various projects that will utilize HTML, CSS, JavaScript, the Bootstrap framework, PHP, MySQL, and WordPress. Therefore, you can expect internet technology relevant articles, code examples, and tutorials on those topics as I go about my day to day tasks as a developer. In addition to these posts, I will be adding a Developer’s Reference section comprehensively covering multiple scripting and programming languages. I may even eventually include my web design portfolio among the content here.

Outside of web design and development, I have other interests. These would include: music, travel, amateur photography, cinema/movies, blogging, current events, history, and languages (to name a few). So don’t always anticipate that the content here will be pertinent to technology 100% of the time. I guess you could say to expect the unexpected here at kodeJ! That is why I wrote the WordPress tagline: NOT just another technology blog.

Thank you for visiting kodeJ online. Over the next coming weeks, I hope to add content that will create an educational, entertaining, and enlightening experience.

Kind regards,

PS – behind the scenes with kodeJ, kodeJ related news, and interesting references to ‘kodeJ’ can be found with the ‘kodeJ’ tag.