Learn WordPress, work from home and travel!

I provide the tools, training, and coaching necessary to help you achieve a career in freelance web design, web application development, and mobile app development via WordPress.

Learn one-on-one with a web design, development and programming professional with over 20 years of experience and over 10 years experience working as a freelance professional. 


I have over 20 years of experience in web design and development.

I’m prepared to teach you on aspects of running your own WordPress site or becoming a WordPress freelancer.  Whether you are running your own business online or just want a side hustle you can do online from home I am prepared to teach you WordPress. 

WordPress Basics

Learn about WordPress Themes, Pages, and Posts. Expand functionality with WordPress Plugins.

WordPress SEO

Fine tune your WordPress content to attract more visitors from popular search engines like Google and Bing. 

WordPress Speed

Turbo charge your WordPress page load times with tried and trusted methods assuring quick site render times in browser. 

WordPress Security

Secure your WordPress website against bad actors, hackers, and malware with industry best practices in WordPress Security.

WordPress HTML & CSS

Customize the style and appearance of WordPress Themes and start writing HTML and CSS code in WordPress. 

WordPress PHP Dev

Develop WordPress Plugins, write PHP code using WordPress functions, and take full control of WordPress. 

Become a WordPress Expert

Learn to become effective with WordPress right from your starting lesson. Engage in one on one live online lessons with a web design and development veteran of over 20 years of experience who can help you with your exiting online business or help you launch your career as a freelance WordPress design and development professional. GET RESULTS TODAY BY ENROLLING NOW. 

Learn While You Build

Whether you are launching your own online business or working on navigating one of your first web design clients…

I’m here to answer your questions and guide you in building your own online presence with WordPress or launching your professional career as a WordPress designer and developer. Do you want to learn how to work from home or even travel the world while you work on WordPress websites? I can help you with that! 

Massive Training Portal

Articles, Tutorials, How To, Videos, Lessons and more… 

I’m curating a massive library of learning materials and constantly creating new lessons, articles, and tutorials related to WordPress design and development. 

When you enroll in lessons with me I grant you access to my ever growing vault of valuable information that is a supplemental available to you online 24/7 in addition to our one on one live online WordPress lessons. 

Enjoy Freedom and Travel

Your mastery of WordPress can lead to working at home or working while you travel… 

In addition to just knowing WordPress, designing and developing websites with WordPress if you are truly trying to achieve the freedom from home, write your own schedule or even work while you travel than these lessons are for you. 

I’ve been working freelance in WordPress since 2010. This year, I’ve already been to 7 countries while I manage my online businesses and assist my WordPress clients. 

Learn from those that do, not just those that teach. 


My Reputation For Success… 

Read testimonials from my WordPress design and development clients and what they have to say about my WordPress skills: 

“Joshua is the best developer I’ve worked with. When starting this project, I was already behind schedule. Joshua was amazing to jump right into my project. His communication, attention to detail, optimism and availability is like none other. He tackled every challenge with grace and delivered an excellent website with all needed functionality. I’m very proud of the work Joshua executed and I look forward to working with him again. I highly recommend. You will not be disappointed.”

Tedwrick Wright, TedrickWright.com


Do you have questions, comments, concerns or want more information? 

It’s completely understandably. If you can’t find the answer you are looking for in these FAQs please feel free to contact me and we can have a short chat and see if I can get you the relevant information you are looking for.


How do you deliver classes?

Zoom, Skype, Telegram, basically, any messaging platform or app that allows screensharing that you prefer. WordPress lessons  usually are one hour per week, and four lessons per month. 

Why learn WordPress?

WordPress is used by 42.8% of the top 10 million websites. WordPress is popular. If you learn WordPress you are popular to people who want to pay you money. 

How long does this take?

You will be able to start building and managing WordPress website within a couple of weeks and mastery of advanced functionality will require a few months. 

I have zero experience, cool?

Very cool. If you have absolutely no experience with WordPress or web design, no problem. If you can operate your social media accounts you can use WordPress within a short amount of time.

How much money can I make?

According to Upwork, the average U.S. freelance WordPress developer charges an hourly rate of $70, with rates ranging between $30 to $175/hour.

How else can I make money?

You can also make money using our affiliate program. You may sign up for our affiliate program and share our link for our education and receive commissions. 

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