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Adjusting Font Size and Padding in Divi Tag Cloud
The following CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) code can be used in Divi Theme Options to change your Divi Tag Cloud font size and padding.


About Divi WordPress Theme
The Divi WordPress Theme, a creation of Elegant Themes, embodies the epitome of flexibility and innovation. Recognized for its user-centric interface and visually captivating designs, Divi empowers users to craft remarkable websites without complex coding skills. Its user-friendly drag-and-drop builder, coupled with an extensive array of pre-built modules and templates, offers unmatched customization possibilities. With a responsive design ensuring seamless adaptability across devices, along with advanced features like split testing and real-time editing, Divi offers an intuitive and efficient website development experience. From newcomers to seasoned developers, Elegant Themes’ Divi is a potent tool that democratizes the process of creating polished, high-quality websites.