The following PHP code will return a PHP string variable that is the current server date and time in a format like 2021-06-7 19:43:56. Here is a PHP code example of how the PHP date() function works.


Using PHP echo we can output the value of the above PHP string variable:


The above PHP code would display something similar depending on your server date/time:

2021-06-07 10:13:06


Let’s take a closer look at the original PHP code:


The PHP date() function has different parameters that can be used to output different formats of time and date as outlined as follows:

d: this is the day of the month using two digits ranging from 01 to 31
m: this is the month using two digits randing from 01 to 12
h: this is the hour of the day
i: these are the minutes
s: this represents seconds of a minute


Here is an example of adding hours to date/time using PHP: