So it goes without saying that since this is a developer’s blog/tech website that source code examples are and will continue to be displayed here along with other content. I am currently in a dilemma as a few of the Syntax Highlighter WordPress Plugins I have tried so far are not working correctly, and the one that I have found that is working has a very mediocre display.

The following are my findings as I review, test, and play with WordPress Syntax Highlighter Plugins. 

Crayon Syntax Highlighter

I have used this Syntax Highlighter Plugin on several projects in the past, and it is usually my go-to choice. I strongly recommend it. However, in this instance, it is not working properly on this site, and I don’t have time right now to troubleshoot this, so I am exploring other options for a quick remedy. 

My Syntax Highlighter

At first, when I tried this WordPress Plugin, I thought it was going to do the job. However, after trying it on source code examples on a few different posts, I begged to differ with my original assertion. The code is in an HTML area this fixed height regardless of the amount of code, so scrolling occurs with some source code examples. The “color coding” and overall aesthetic appearance leaves a lot to desire, so I am going to have to take a pass. 

CodeMirror Blocks Plugin

I was using this WordPress Plugin when I started this blog, and I even wrote an article about it, which you can read here. However, as the site progressed, I believe it was when I needed to have more than one block of code in a post that I started experiencing problems with this, so I discontinued using it not that long ago. 

WP-Syntax (

Next, I will try the WP-Syntax Plugin for WordPress. It is my first time trying it, and I am curious to see the results. I came across the name of this Plugin and a few screenshots in another WordPress blog. However, after realizing the developers have performed no testing with the last three versions of WordPress, I went to try something else.  

Urvanov Syntax Highlighter

The Urvanov Plugin looked interesting and updated six days ago. So, that shows some promise over the WP-Syntax WordPress Plugin I had just reviewed. This WordPress Plugin stated that it is a reincarnation of the Crayon Syntax Highlighter, so I immediately wanted to try it out. After a quick install and activation, I was able to display my source code examples in a much more aesthetically pleasing way than before. Urvanov will be the WordPress Syntax Highlighter Plugin I will be using moving forward.