When it comes time to create a quiz in LearnDash, you will start to create questions. You will need to decide which question type you will use. In the LearnDash quiz environment, you can choose from the following question types:

  • Single choice
  • Multiple choice
  • Free choice
  • Sorting choice
  • Matrix sorting choice
  • Fill in the blank
  • Assessment (survey)
  • Essay (open answer)

In this tutorial and guide to LearnDash, we are going to explore each one of those question types so you can become acquainted with creating questions in a LearnDash quiz.

Single Choice
The first and most common style of quiz question is, of course, a single choice type. Here the student chooses the one correct answer out of four options, although you may have as many answers as you like.  You can also use a single choice type to create a true or false style question.


Multiple Choice
The second type of quiz question is multiple choice where there are four or more answers a student may select, and more than one of the options is correct.

LearnDash Multiple Choice Question


Free Choice
Free choice questions require the student to type an answer in an input field.

LearnDash Free Choice Question


Sorting Choice
In a LearnDash sorting choice question, students need to place answers in the correct order. When creating a question, you will designate the correct order. Students will see this order scrambled onscreen while taking the quiz and will have to drop and drag to the correct order.

Matrix Sorting Choice
Matrix sorting choice questions require students to match words. In the example below, you will see that I have paired English and Ukrainian words. The student will have to match the correct corresponding words together.

LearnDash Matrix Sorting Question


Fill In The Blank
LearnDash allows you to create fill in the blank questions with single or multiple correct answers by using a simple shortcode system.

LearnDash Fill In The Blank Question


Assessment (Survey)
Assessment questions in LearnDash are usually for surveys.  Similar to fill in the blank questions, assessment questions use a shortcode system to display output.


Essay (Open Answer)
Essay questions in LearnDash allow students to type an open response or upload a document. This question can be rewarded points upon finishing the quiz or set to require an admin to review and grade before assigning points.


If you would like to learn more about the LearnDash WordPress LMS Plugin you can visit the official LearnDash website at learndash.com or check out out our ‘LearnDash‘ section.