Installing and activating the Disable Gutenberg WordPress Plugin is one of the first things I do when I am designing and developing a new WordPress website. I find it much easier and more comfortable to work in the classic post and page editor mode. Also, I like to work with Divi Builder in the classic backend mode versus the frontend editor mode or Gutenberg Blocks.

In the ever-evolving landscape of WordPress editing, the Disable Gutenberg plugin emerges as the ultimate solution for those seeking to retain the familiar Classic Editor experience. With the emergence of the Gutenberg Block Editor, many users have found themselves yearning for the simplicity and functionality of the original editor. This plugin offers a comprehensive suite of tools that not only disables Gutenberg but fully restores the Classic Editor’s essence, empowering users to seamlessly transition back to a comfortable editing environment.

The beauty of the Disable Gutenberg plugin lies in its flexibility and precision. You’re not just opting out of the Gutenberg experience, but actively choosing when and where to replace it with the Classic Editor. Whether it’s for specific post types, user roles, theme templates, or even individual post/page IDs, this plugin grants you the power to tailor your editing process to your exact needs. Gone are the days of feeling locked into one editing style, as Disable Gutenberg opens the door to a world of possibilities.

This plugin doesn’t merely bring back the Classic Editor; it resurrects the essence of WordPress editing that you’ve grown accustomed to. The intuitive interface, familiar tools like Meta Boxes, Quicktags, and Custom Fields, and the reassuring presence of the “Edit Post” screen redefine the editing experience. It’s a tribute to the time-tested functionality that has stood the test of countless content creation endeavors.

Designed with user convenience in mind, the Disable Gutenberg plugin is incredibly easy to use. Activate it, and you’re instantly transported back to a realm where the Classic Editor reigns supreme. The plugin settings allow you to fine-tune your Gutenberg disabling preferences, offering a level of customization that ensures a seamless transition.

In a world where choice is paramount, the Disable Gutenberg plugin hands the power back to WordPress users. Developed and maintained by Jeff Starr, a seasoned 15-year WordPress developer and author, the plugin’s lightweight, performance-focused design ensures that it won’t bog down your site’s resources. Whether you’re a blogger, developer, or anyone who values a tailored editing experience, the Disable Gutenberg plugin is your trusted companion on the journey back to classic editing comfort. Say goodbye to constraints and hello to a world of editing freedom.