Duolingo Language Learning App

Duolingo Language App

Duolingo consists of both a website and a smartphone app that provide a fun and entertaining approach to learning foreign languages. Currently, the learning platform offers 85 different language lessons to English speakers and speakers of 23 other languages for free. The application has over 300 million registered users worldwide.

Since I have previously worked as an English teacher living in Kyiv, Ukraine, I found it necessary to start learning Russian and Ukrainian languages. Duolingo has been a useful tool in assisting me in starting my education in both Russian and Ukrainian. Therefore, I decided to share a little about it here at ValiosLive.

Listed in order of popularity, Duolingo currently offers native English speakers language courses in Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Italian, Korean, Mandarin Chinese, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, Turkish, Dutch, Swedish, Greek, Irish, Hebrew, Polish, Norwegian Bokmål, Hindi, Vietnamese, Danish, Romanian, Swahili, Czech, Esperanto, Welsh, and Ukrainian.

Latin American Spanish seems to be most popular among native English speaking language learnings with over 21.8 million actives users and Ukrainian being the least popular with just over 323,000 active users.

Hungarian, Hawaiian, Indonesian, and Navajo are in beta right now. New language courses are in development for native English speakers. These courses include Latin (which I have been personally waiting for), Arabic, Yiddish, Haitian Creole, and Finish.

Duolingo also features two fictional languages, High Valyrian, a language from the popular television series Game of Thrones based on the writings of fantasy author George R.R. Martin and Klingon (in Beta) which is a language from the science fiction series Star Trek.

Duolingo uses gamification elements to entice learners. Users can earn experience points, unlock additional levels, and ascend a leader board against other “players” who have the app installed. Game elements also include a series of badges one can achieve while completing lessons and progressing through levels.

So in conclusion, if you are interested in learning another language or are just looking for a fun app for some educational entertainment, I strongly recommend trying Duolingo.

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